Check out these extremely “cool” running shorts with zipper pocket

BALEAF Men’s 2-in-1 Running Athletic Shorts with Zipper Pocket

We have some of our warmest days of the year coming up soon, and many of you may already be sweltering in those daytime jogs you attempt to take. Since we have all of these days with our schedules available to ourselves, some of these workout clothes can be quite helpful to make sure you keep yourself as cool and comfortable as possible. Some of the quality features of these shorts are as follows:

  • 95% Polyester / 5% Spandex
  • Drawstring closure
  • 5 centimeters high
  • 10 centimeters wide
  • Lightweight, Quick-Dry fabric helps keep you dry and comfy
  • Built-in mesh briefs provide a supportive, breathable fit
  • Two side pockets and a rear zip pocket for convenience
  • Reflective logo that allows for additional visibility in low light
  • Inner drawcord ensures a comfortable fit and keeps shorts from sliding down

With all of this, there are many other choices in this brand and many others that can keep you comfortable during all of these additional days you have to train for those races and events that have been postponed until the fall or even later in the year. I say, take a look here and at many others I will have to share!


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