Can You Keep Running During these Troubled Times?

Well, I have to say that going to the gym during these days of COVID-19 and a pandemic that requires wearing a mask in many location is quite challenging.

Additionally, (at least here in my hometown) trying to run outside almost any time of day is simply tortuously hot!

So, where can you go from here without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a treadmill for your own home? Especially if you won’t need it in the future.

Well, you may have easy access to your location to get outside early in the morning or toward sunset when the temperature is down at least a little. Unfortunately, temperature is not the only challenge, considering the issue of humidity and air quality during this period of the summer. So, you may need to find a way to work out right there in your own home.

I have found over time that running in place inside can still help with the need to get my cardio going for at least a little while. There are also MANY yoga poses that can help build runners’ strength as well. One of the most common is the plank, building your core strength that is additionally helpful with your endurance as well. Some additional strength exercises include:

  1. Russian Twist
  2. Scorpion
  3. Back Extension
  4. Squat
  5. Overhead Press
  6. Forward Lunges
  7. Shoulder Presses

With these there are still many more strength exercises available, sometimes through the use of weights and other times with the use of your body weight for resistance. No matter what, you can keep up your workouts on a daily basis and not let this pandemic and time away from society push you out of shape!




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