Importance of strength and flexibility with running

Right now is a good time to think about the additional workouts to help improve your running capabilities. You may live in a very busy neighborhood or rely on your gym to run during these steamy summer days. And we know that running with a mask on in those close proximities is just difficult for breathing.

So, there is much more to do right there at home to help keep in shape and remain well-prepared to continue running when it is easier to access some of those locations. I know that there are certain workouts that I do myself here inside the house, like my elliptical machine, a step, some weights, yoga, running in place, and more.

Some of the best workouts that help with breathing, strength, flexibility, and endurance include the long yoga workouts available right there on various TV apps. You have the ability to strengthen every part of your body, especially the strong core that can help with the overall speed and endurance that you need when taking on races. Yoga also helps greatly with controlling your breathing, with surprisingly enough can improve your long-time endurance running outside. I know that I was able to benefit from starting with this when I needed to get back into shape after not running for a while.

And flexibility is incredibly important. I know that I even forget about this after years of being a runner. However, when days have gone by and I think I continue working out every day very well…all of a sudden one morning my back is in a complete knot. Or my hamstrings or thighs. So, it is likely helpful to take on some of those yoga workouts at least a couple of times a week to make sure that you take on a balance of all these parts of your body so that everything is equally in shape!

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