How to train for your first marathon – Are you ready to start?

Okay… so the world (or at least the U.S.) is in a crazy place right now. And it may be hard to consider launching that training schedule for your first marathon. BUT… have you always wanted to do it? Has it been a personal goal?

IF SO… then, now more than ever! I will admit likely as much as the rest of you that our national news (and likely your hometown, just like mine) is just plain depressing right now. Given the minimal time we are supposed to be out in public places, with friends and family, out at the bar, and other places, then we are headed to the perfect weather for outdoor training.

Now, I know that most gyms only require masks when you are moving around through the building and not when you are working out. But, it may not be the safest time to have someone climbing on that treadmill only two down from you when they have plenty of other options around the cardio area.

You think it may just be safer and healthier to work with the outdoor air to get started on that training? Hey, think of it this way: You will have to run the race outside, so go ahead and get started with that practice outside.

It doesn’t have to be the most demanding workout to start. If you have never run, or you are getting started again after a long break, just get moving. We’ll keep working on this schedule in the near future!

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