How to train for your first marathon – Part 3: Resting Properly

One thing we all forget when trying to train for a long race, especially the marathon, is that our bodies need time to recover. It is easy to think that continuing with daily long workouts is the best thing, you must remember that overworking and overuse can leader to injuries. They can take you out of commission. And then there is no race.

So, it is most important to keep a steady schedule. Maybe five days a week. Finish off the week with one long workout on the 6th day. Also make sure that long workout is only as long as you can handle. If you are only up to a 10-mile run as your long workout for a single week, then don’t push it farther than that. As soon as you feel that your legs are giving out, then it is time to cool down.

After all of that, day 7 should be a good day to rest. Take the day off from your serious workout. A good reason why this should be either Saturday or Sunday is because this could be a day when you can sleep in. When you wake up you are able to stretch out any sore or tight muscles from the day before. And you can simply take it easy.

By taking it easy, you get to kick back with the family and watch movies. Take care of the chores around the house. Quite simply, relax. That is most easily done on the weekend when you don’t have to work.

Additionally, when you find that your training has become overwhelming and too demanding, even an extra day of rest may be necessary at times. Especially when you have started to increase the length of those long runs once a week.

Note that all of this will be a longer process based on where you are starting. You will have to allow yourself the proper amount of rest as well if you are starting farther back in the process. If you are not able to run very far at one time when you first start training, it is going to take a greater amount of recovery for your muscles.

So, all in all, the most important thing here is to consider the proper amount of rest for your needs. You need to recover from one week to the next. This rest is a great deal of replenishment that can help maintain the energy needed for training.

We will continue on the next step with the fuel needed for training. Nice to see you!

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